Sunday, September 18, 2011


Welcome t' th' INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A SEAFARIN' HEARTY TIDE BLOG HOP! So thrilled t' be among such talent in this hop. Thanks Gill!!! Ye should be comin' from LINDA's blog. If ye jus' came across this hop an' ye want t' start at th' beginnin' make sure ye start HERE. I hope that ye will enjoy th' hop. This be goin' t' be fun seein' all th' Sea dog related projects. I be havin' made a 12 x 12 Scrapbook page. 't came be used fer yer wee Sea dog or great fer a Halloween page since 'tis starboard around th' corner. I used skull 'n cross bones fer th' matting, and pieced togeth' a Sea dog for the final touch.

 And fer all them Girl buccanneers ou' thar, I made a keg cap necklace wi' a skull an' crossbones image on 't. These be so fun an' can be made fer any occasion.

Now hop on o'er t' see wha' Haidee has in store fer ye before I make ye walk th' plank. 

Here is th' lineup for all th' Sea dog projects if ye get lost. 

15. Paula  ( YOU ARE HERE)
16. Haidee  ( You need to go here)


Valerie said... [Reply to comment]

Great layout Paula and I love the pirate jewellery!

LisaG said... [Reply to comment]

Ahoy! Cap'n Paula!!

Wha' a busy pirate ye've been! I be lovin' those scrapbook pages ye made thar! That thar piece o' gold booty would make me mighty happy!

Well done!

Cap'n Lisa

Vicki S said... [Reply to comment]

awesome job! lovin the booty! :)

Linda Dale said... [Reply to comment]

Well Done Matie! Awesome Job.

jackid said... [Reply to comment]

Great creations
Jacki xx

Beckie Dreyer said... [Reply to comment]

Great layouts and love the necklace

Krista's Paper Cafe said... [Reply to comment]

Awesome Layout Paula. Very well balanced.

Cathie w said... [Reply to comment]

arrgggg great projects ..TFS!!!!


Lisa said... [Reply to comment]

urgg matey ye made a swosh buckling wonderful page layout! thank ye for sharing

Have a scrap- happy day!
Lisa G

Gill McCall said... [Reply to comment]

YO HO HO Pirate Paula its Capn Gill checking in!
Gosh your layouts are fantastic - love them. the necklace WOW how cool as its pink too ! its brilliant - thank you for sharing and taking part in this hop. great job. can you take Brynn out of the line up please. thanks

Bunnyfreak said... [Reply to comment]

Love the necklace.

Carla said... [Reply to comment]

Your lay out is amazing. I love it. The necklace is adorable too. Thanks so much for sharing your projects. or
racincrafts at aim dot com

Becky Dunham said... [Reply to comment]

Ahoy Paula! Love both of these projects! That layout is so adorable - I need that Capn' Hook - do you mind telling me where you got it? The necklace is so cute - my 13 yo daughter would LOVE that!

rebeccadunham at hotmail dot com

Liz said... [Reply to comment]

Ooh another layout my favs!! This is fantastic

Karen L said... [Reply to comment]

Love the Captain Hook project!!!

Scrapalajen said... [Reply to comment]

Awesome job ye did matey! Great layout and necklace. Beautiful!

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